20140210-084629.jpgJust Back…

Rhema has just gotten back from the OR where her sutures had been removed and they recast her with the metal pins remaining in her legs.  She was very groggy and refusing to drink anything yet.  Her eyes were dilated from the anesthesia and she just wanted to cuddle near momma.

Rhema Hospital Laying Down Close Up Face Feb 2014 SNAG-0005 SNAG-0001Love peering into those baby blue eyes and holding her close as she tries to shake off the groggy feeling.  Rhema laid like this for a while until the nurse came in to take her vitals, better know as torture in Rhema’s book.  She HATES when they take her blood pressure and pulse; now that she is older she knows what they are going to do and starts fussing the moment they walk in the door.  Poor kid!  I have to hold her down and help the nurse each time they come.  It’s torture for mamma too…..

Smiling After Surgery Feb 2014 SNAG-0004 SNAG-0000The Smile I Love…

Rhema began to perk up after a while and once again, there was the sparkle we had been looking for all day!  I love her smile and sparkly blue eyes….. that is what I wait for each and every time to return.  I breath better once her sparkle returns…..

Toy After Surgery Feb 2014 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0001A Special Doll….

We waited almost two hours for the cast to be fixed….  The nurse kept popping by to check if we needed anything and when the second hour of waiting came and went, she brought Rhema a new toy to help pass the time.  This act of kindness perked all of us up and we enjoyed watching Rhema play.  As I sat there watching her play in recovery I resolved once again that this year’s Wagon Drive for Children’s Hospital MUST include opportunities for folks to donate toys as well.  I cannot explain how just that little doll blessed ALL of us when the nurse brought it in.  We were all weary and had been up since 4am, had waited two additional hours after being discharged for the cast issue and were still processing the blow of having 3 more additional weeks added to this process.   Just having the nurse come in and brighten Rhema’s day with the little doll, with “pretty pink shoes” as Rhema calls it, made all of us smile and perk up.  You cannot put a price on putting a smile on a child’s face.  So, we are looking to get some dates set soon and the logistics rolling toward our second annual Wagon Drive!  Details will be coming soon!!!!