Rhema reviewed & revised my clinic notes while waiting for her tests to begin!

Rhema did so well this round of tests on her Winter Clinic day!  She had multiple tests: 1 pelvic x-ray, 1 scoliosis x-ray, 1 renal ultrasound, 1 urine cath, and a partridge in a pear treeeeee!  Ha ha ha! No, that last one was not real, it’s just to see if you were paying attention. LOL.

Rhema held so still for her Ultrasound.

There are always some tears during any test, it is scary after all to be laid down on cold tables with crazy looking machines being pointed at you, but after a while Rhema settles down and just takes it all in stride.  She asked “whats that” a hundred times while the nurse was doing her ultrasound.  The nurse was so patient with her and just explained all that she was doing and seeing on her screens.  After Rhema was done the nurse gave her four animal stickers and Rhema loved that!

Rockin’ her Elmo outfit & Waiting to see her Medical Peeps!

Rhema was admitted to a room and then it was a 5 hour constant stream of nurses, specialists and helpers.  Our room had a TV/DVD player so we put on her favorite movie and she would watch it while we waited.

Lights Out!  No Ones Home!  Go Away!

During the ride up to clinic Rhema began sneezing and had a runny nose.  That night, in the hotel she did not sleep but maybe 5 hours because she was having difficulty breathing because of congestion.  So, during the marathon of clinic day, she passed out from exhaustion about half way through!  Poor kid!  She just covered her eyes and went to sleep.

We had one more Specialist to see, the one we had waited all day to see, and she slept through his entire exam.  LOL!

Okay, A Quick Wagon Ride to See Clause & We Go!

Rhema woke up for the wagon ride back to the car and then she really perked up when she saw all the beautiful Christmas trees and displays all over the hospital.  She especially loved the ones with “Clause”!!!  The wagons at Children’s are Rhema’s favorite thing and we will be sharing with you all some exciting news soon about another event our family is organizing to bless Children’s Hospital!  Hint-hint…it has something to do with wagons… smile.

“Yes, I need an extended check out time please.”

Clinic is such a LONG day for us all and plus with Rhema not feeling well it really makes for a long night as well.  Rhema did sleep better, but still had congestion.  I was so very proud though, she slept on her tiny cot next to my bed all night for the first time!  In the morning she just popped up like a daisy and looked at me and said “HI, HELLO!”  LOL!  She played all over the bed with her toys and the hotel phone while we packed up and got ready to leave.

Let’s Go!

Rhema likes the steering wheel and to push any button she finds!  Before heading out back home we took her by the mall to wave at Clause.  Rhema so enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations, seeing Clause and she even rode the Christmas Merry-Go-Round.  She is still scared to ride; for at least half of the ride said “all done, up-up and offf!”  However, this ride was MUCH slower and they let us stay on for close to four minutes so about half way through Rhema decided it was not too bad and eventually wave at her daddy when we passed him.  Hey, it’s progress; she hid only half the time!  Yea Rhema!  All in all, I think Rhema’s visit to clinic was not too bad for her this go around.  I will do a detailed update next for our medical finds and next step decisions.  I just thought ya’ll would enjoy the pictorial view of Rhema’s clinic day first.

Blessings to all our precious family and friends who pray!