She looks like an Elf?

Rhema was all smiles when I told her we were going to a Christmas Party!  She is usually all smiles, so it’s hard to know if she understood what I was saying or if she was just being her usual smiley self.  The party was almost an hour drive so my prayer was that she would sleep on the way there and be awake for the party.  We were half way there and she had not said a peep, so I assumed my plan had worked, when I heard a tiny voice from the back seat whisper, “ooooo Christmas lights…”  Oh the best laid plans foiled again by Christmas light displays!  LOL!  She feel asleep about 15 minutes before we arrived at the party so I carried her in wrapped in a Christmas blanket.  Everyone said she was so cute and looked like a Christmas elf in her green and red outfit.  That is not the “look” I was going for particularly, but I guess “elf is in the eye of the beholder”!  LOL! Rhema slept through the visit from Santa Clause, a rousing song of Jingle Bells (her favorite) and then woke up 5 minutes after Santa left the building.  I was so disappointed she missed seeing her buddy “Clause!”  However, she had a lovely time at the party anyway and had some yummy cake and saw some nice friends.  We looked at Christmas lights all the way home and sang her favorite song “Jingle Bells!”