Playing In Closet FEb 2014 SNAG-0003Floor Time!

Rhema enjoyed being in her little play room in her big-girl room!  It’s hard to give her “floor time” as she really wants to flip over and crawl; she does not understand why she cannot crawl.  We’ve found if we put her in a smaller space then she tends to get less aggravated about not being able to crawl.  This “playroom” is her closet in her room that we’ve converted into a small play space.  So one of us (daddy or momma) sits in the doorway to block it and she just plays so sweetly with her toys.  She and daddy were having so much fun when I took this picture!  They had all these little animals out and were having a blast!  As I’m looking at the picture, I notice that the ball is in the microwave of her play kitchen!  LOL!  Who knows who put it there, but it’s funny to look at!  Anyway, it’s been a good alternate location, from the wagon and pink recliner, for her to go where she can be safe and play.  Yea Rhema!  Four more weeks in total to go with all these casts and changes!  Wahooo!  Then its ON!  Walking, swimming, dancing, crawling….whatever her little heart desires!!!