“I want to ride the BUS!”

Rhema and Momma went to visit a potential Early Intervention program for when Rhema ages out of the traditional Early Intervention in August when she turns three.  Before arriving we talked about meeting teachers, seeing buses and seeing lots of kids.  Rhema was very excited to see all the kids, but when she saw the big yellow buses she got SO VERY excited!  Rhema’s communication skills have always excelled her years, but she is now doing FULL sentences and when she spied the buses we heard her say,  “I want to ride the BUS!”  It was so cute to see her sitting up and waving at the buses and jabber on and on about them.  The Early Intervention teacher was a lovely lady and we had a very informative meeting; I’m going back in a few weeks just to observe the program.

We’ve not made a decision either way as far as her attending the program, but it is an interesting opportunity for Rhema so we are keeping an open mind.  For Momma is it a foreign thought to leave Rhema anywhere, even for a brief amount of time.  Oh, how big she is getting that I even have to consider these things.  Nothing has to be decided until the fall and by that time we will on the cusp of her big surgery, so for now I’m not letting it consume much of my brain space. 🙂