Summer Kid's Movie 1Rio 2 Pop Corn July2014 SNAG-0005Pop Corn!

I’ve waited all summer for this summer kid movie to play on the kiddie line up!  Momma and Rhema went to see Rio on the big screen!  Rhema was all excited and all she talked about was the pop corn on the way to the theater.  It is a great program where each person pays $3 and you get a movie, small pop corn and a small drink!  Wow!  We found a seat in the wheelchair area and Rhema began to get antsy about all the kids and noise.  She began to hide her face and stare off; she was totally disconnecting from the environment.  I was so worried that she would begin to cry or just hide the entire time due to all the kids, commotion and noise.  Thank God I had remembered to bring her ear plugs in her backpack and I quickly put them in her ears and it seemed to help her anxiety.  She quit hiding and she began to come back to me and even talk a little.  I kept trying to give her some of her pop corn, but her sensory issues would not allow her to eat it.  Ugh!  It is so hard to watch her environment dictate how much she can enjoy an experience.  I kept trying off and on, but the poor kid did not get one bite of her pop corn the whole movie.  It breaks my heart since I know that she was so excited about it.  Rhema did however seem to enjoy the movie.  Even when all the kids were talking loudly around her and some kids even dancing around during the songs.  I kept trying to encourage Rhema to dance, but she would pull away and just clam up.  I have to pick my battles so I just danced and she would smile at me.

Toward the end of the movie when Rhema seemed to have relaxed the most, I tried the pop corn again, but she would not eat it.  I had a gummy candy (my favorite) and I bit a piece in half and then put it in her hands.  She licked it and then just played with it the rest of the movie.  I finally just bit another piece and put it in her mouth and she did chew it up!  Success!  She was in a very noisy environment, full of visual and auditory overload and she ate a few gummys if I put them in her mouth!  Huzzah!  My girl got to be like a typical kid for once in a very noisy theater!  Yay Rhema!

Rhema’s cousin Sanako came to the movie with her momma Aunt Cha Cha.  After the movie both girls enjoyed themselves pushing buttons on the video games in the lobby.  It was so much fun watching them enjoy all the lights and buttons.

Summer Kid's Movie 1Rio 1 Playing Video Games July2014 SNAG-0000