1st Brushing Teeth at sink May 2014 SNAG-0011Big Girl Chair For A Big Girl Event!

Rhema has not been tall enough for this chair thus far to attempt brushing or washing her hands at a sink, however with her recent growth spurt, it was time to try it.  The chair is on the highest level and still her arms are too short to reach the water yet; it only inches away, but she still needs to grow more.  Nevertheless, she LOVED LOVED LOVED sitting at the sink and playing in the water she could reach!

1st Brushing Teeth at sink2 May 2014 SNAG-0006Rhema has gotten so much better at letting me brush her teeth and also her trying to do it herself.  She absolutely loved sitting in the big girl chair and putting the toothbrush under the water herself!

1st Brushing Teeth at sink3 May 2014 SNAG-0009The Princess Cup!

Okay, so the cup is her favorite part!  It has two Fairy Princesses on it hugging each other and has a special holder.  Rhema does not know how to drink out of an open cup yet herself without spilling it everywhere so holding this little cup of water was really fun for her.  The funnies thing about the whole experience was she will not sip and spit the water in the sink.  Now, spitting is one of her favorite activities while riding in the car with her sippy cup or even sitting in her highchair– she loves to spit and make messes.  But when sipping her water while brushing her teeth, she would not spit it out into the sink!  LOL!  Now, she thought it was hilarious watching mommy spit the water into the sink, but she would not do it herself! LOL!  I’ve got some hilarious video of her I hope Rhema’s daddy can put up on her blog of Rhema’s first teeth brushing experience.  She talks and talks about the process of spitting in the sink, but then when given the opportunity she jsut swallows the water.  It was such a fun thing to have this new experience with my girl; she growing up so big!!!

1st Brushing Teeth at sink4 May 2014 SNAG-0004