Rhema finally slept several consecutive hours last night and this morning. She got her pain medication and her ear drops this morning. Right now she is watching Elmo and eating a little bit of brunch; she’s enjoying the jello on the hospital tray right now too. The nurse is going to bring in some cold jello. Her throat is really hurting her; we think that fluid is running down the back of her throat. Before they release us today I’m going to have them look at the back of her throat to be sure she’s not developing a problem there. I’m concerned that she is still not eating enough or drinking enough, but I’m trusting that she will continue to get better from here and return to her normal eating routine. Please pray she will get enough fluids to stay hydrated once we return home and that we can manage her pain at home. Thank you all for your prayers and continued prayers for our Rhema. We need them.