Rhema 2nd week school Sept 2014 SNAG-0003Very Excited For School!

Rhema finally recovered from the virus she picked up while at Children’s and was all ready to get back to school.   We’ve still had some issues still with her not sleeping through the night, but all in all she was much better.  She was very excited to see the buses and see her teacher.  Her first day back she was a little out-of-it;  even the teacher said she did not talk at all most of the day.  We kept an eye on her and the second day she attended school I got two calls from the school that her shunt site was swollen a little.  They monitored it and it never seemed to get to a critical state and she was very alert and talkative that day.  I went up to school early and checked her myself and all seemed to be okay.  Fluctuations are normal but it was the first time for the school folks to experience that kind of swelling.  I was very happy to see that they caught it, notified me and were diligent to keep an eye on it.  So, huzzah!  Rhema’s second week of school went wonderfully with only a minor bump- in- the -road!