PT with Umbrella Aug 2014 SNAG-0006 SNAG-0001Don’t Get Rained On!

I love that our PT team uses anything and everything to get Rhema motivated to stand!  Yes, they incorporated Rhema’s new La-laloopsy umbrella to help her practice transitioning from a sit to a stand.  Rhema loved this game and she did really well and did not hunch over as much so she could stand under the umbrella with her friend Mrs. Roxanne.  It was so cute to see her smile and point to all the characters on the umbrella.

Dance Class Aug 2014 SNAG-0005 SNAG-0002One Is The Loneliest Number….

Rhema was the only dancer in her class this past week, so she got some great one-on-one time with her new dance teacher.  Rhema really likes her new teacher; I’m hoping that one day Rhema will just shock us all and participate more with her arms and legs.  Even if she does not do a lot, she LOVES the class and talks a lot about her dance class.  We will be doing a fundraising bake sale in a few months to help raise funds so Rhema can continue attending these classes.  We will post more on the fundraiser when the time is closer.

This week is the big week when it comes to Rhema’s mobility goals.  We are meeting with her orthopedic surgeon, her physiatrist and her orthopedic bracing guy to get her some new braces that will help her get out of the slump she is in concerning her mobility, i.e. walking.  We covet your prayers this week as we need to hear from the Lord the direction concerning her bracing.  I’m not thrilled with the huge braces they are recommending, but if she needs them for a season then we will do it.  Getting her molded for these huge suckers will not be fun (it takes 1 1/2 hours to complete all the molds) and we will post before hand so prayers can go up for peace over Rhema.  We know God’s got this so, we are just praying for peace, discernment and wisdom during this next week as we consult our team members on the next steps.