Snack Time Jan 2014 SNAG-0001It’s snacky-snack time!

Rhema is doing really well.  Over the weekend we saw her swelling went down exponentially!  I may even call the doc because even the top of her casts are very loose, so the swelling has gone way down all over her legs.  I was not expecting the top of the casts to be sooooo loose….. We will see what the doc says this week and also, we are scheduling her metal pins/cast removal in three weeks! Yea!  Three more weeks!  One week down, three to go!

We continue to keep her legs elevated just in case several times through the day as a best-practice.  She is eating pretty good, and her appetite has decreased some, which we anticipated.  We are having to keep a close eye on her diapers to be sure she is not getting constipated any worse than usual.  We’re trying to ramp back up on our cathing too, which is really difficult to do with these huge casts.  Rhema remains at about a 20cc output each time we cath so we do not see any major withholding, Praise the Lord!