All Smiles!

Rhema is LOVING each week getting to swim!  She asks everyday, sometimes several times a day, is today the day she “goes to the pool”.  On the days I must say “no”, I am very blessed Momma that she just takes it into stride and does not fuss.  On the day before she swims, I’ve made a song to sing to the tune of  “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” that goes “Tomorrow, tomorrow You will swim, tomorrow, it’s only one day away!”  Rhema loves this song and will sing it over and over again!

Rhema has absolutely NO fear when it comes to the water.  She is kicking her legs, dog-paddling, splashing and will launch out of the arms of her swim therapist on occasion.  I LOVE to watch her laugh and get all that wonderful exercise!  Rhema swims for an hour and when asked if she is ready to get out she will say  “more, more swim!”  Ummmm, that’s a “NO” and I think it will always be a “No” as she is a swimin’ fool!