Walk N Roll Trophy LIne Up 2011 2012 2013 SNAG-0003Three Years Worth Of Wonderful Memories!

Here are the trophies that Rhema has earned for the last three years at the Walk In Roll!  It’s a wonderful time where each child is cheered as they approach the finish line and then are given a shiny trophy.  I had hoped that this would be the year Rhema could have rolled most of the course and then walked across the finish line.  With a heavy heart I’ve had to let go of that dream for this year and look to next year to be HER year…… We’ve got a lot of work to do over this next year to get her back up and walking again, but I know with God’s help she can do it!

Yay, we’ve gotten our first sponsor today!  I was so encouraged to see our precious Joni from Knoxville sponsored Rhema.  Joni was Rhema’s Early Interventionist in Knoxville when Rhema was just a baby.  It’s true that the relationships foraged around the medical challenges of a child transcend time and space; it’s been a year since we’ve seen Joni and still she reaches out to support our Rhema!  I was so humbled to see her name pop up in my inbox this morning…… Joni was there in the worst of times with Rhema and she supported (and prayed) for us through those dark days.  Friendships like this are priceless and for all the ones God has blessed us with, I am truly thankful.

Please consider sponsoring Rhema for this years Walk N Roll– Go to this link: http://tiny.cc/azaxmx

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Thank you in advance for your support!