New PT in Dothan Nov 2015 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000

Our New PT Friends

Rhema has had some HUGE changes at the end of her year.  She’s had 3 new PT’s changing up and we will have more changes as we begin 2016.

Rhema always smiles and brings such JOY to those around her.  Whomever we work with for 2016 will be one blessed individual to work with our Princess  in 2016!

PT Walking Nov 2015 SNAG-0004 SNAG-0003

Working Hard!

Rhema and momma will start walking the mall beginning 2016.  Our goal is to make opportunities for walking in places that Rhema loves to go!  The MALL is at the top of her list!

PT Super Rhema Nov 2015 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0004

Super Rhema!

Yes, for her therapy appointments you never know who will show up… It might be Super Rhema…


Wheelchair Fix CRS Nov 2015 SNAG-0006 SNAG-0001

Bumble Bee Rhema….

Rhema LOVES to dress up so her therapist just roll with it and she always gets lots of smiles while we wait to be called for her session.

PS.  She always wants her pig-tails when she wears this outfit because they are her antennas she says.  LOL!

Speech Nov 2015 SNAG-0005 SNAG-0002

Speech and OT are HUGE parts of Rhema’s development.  Rhema’s speech is wonderful until you ask her a question.  If you’ve been around her you know her EXPRESSIVE Speech is great!

In 2016 we will be hopefully adding ABA Therapy to accompany her Speech Therapy in the hopes to get Rhema better equipped for school.

Speech 2 Nov 2015 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0005

And lastly, Rhema’s favorite therapy— AQUATIC!

Aquatic Therapty Nov 2015 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0006

Another HUGE goal for 2016 is getting Rhema in the water more times a week.  Momma loves the water too so both Rhema and momma look forward to swimming more in the New Year!

Please keep us, Rhema’s parents in your prayers as we focus on hearing the Lord for Rhema’s therapy needs for 2016.  We’ve got some adjustments to make and are trusting the Lord to provide the perfect match of folks for our Rhema Miracle Team and finances to make it all happen for our little girl!