Walk N Roll Rhema WAlking 2015 SNAG-0003

Walk N Roll  Walking Rhema!

Each year we participate in the Walk N Roll for Spina Bifida.

This year we gave Rhema the opportunity to walk across the finish line.

Rhema was too overcome with her sensory challenges to do it, but she stood there and took a few steps.

Walk N Roll Trophy 2015 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000

Her Trophy!

Rhema rolled the whole course and then took some baby steps at the end before receiving her trophy!

This new year, 2016, she may not have the opportunity to try to walk as we think her big leg surgery will be in the Fall.

As the year progresses we will determine if her legs are physically ready to this hugely invasive surgery….

Hydro Shirt sitting 2015 SNAG-0002

Our Strong Princess!

Rhema’s shirt reads, “You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is the Only Choice You Have”

The shirt is by Hydro Angles Over America; they are a HUGE support for folks living with Hydrocephalus.

Hydro Shirt with Signs 2015 SNAG-0001

Rhema & Mommy on World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Day in 2015

As a family we’ve all agreed that as long as Rhema has physical and cognitive challenges we will be Advocates for our Special Need’s Community.

We seek out ways we can encourage and support families and individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges.  Rhema’s blog is a huge part of our intentional outreach.

We also believe strongly in Advocating for  our special need’s community and educating those outside of our community; being a “voice” and educating those who are outside, looking in.

THANK YOU to all of you who faithfully follow Rhema’s journey and we look forward to sharing her progress through 2016!