Rhema Back to PT Jan 2015 SNAG-0010Back At It!

The first PT session in the New Year found Rhema hard at work at walking!  Notice anything different?  Yup, our girl has grown out of her baby Walker and is not in the next size up!  Oh, it was so hard to see her grow out of her first walker; we were able to donate it to a group that loans medical equipment out to families who cannot afford it or as a loaner to allow the child time to practice before getting their own.  Her first Walker was a gift from a family that we’ve never met face-to-face but lives way up North; their daughter, Shelby,  has SB and she had progressed to walking canes.   I had that particular Walker since Rhema came home from the NICU!  So, passing it along was hard for me, but I know that the Lord will find it a good home with another little girl!  Our AMAZING PT place had the next size up and loaned it to Rhema; Momma spent a couple of hours decorating it up and I hope to add a small basket to the back of it!

Rhema's New & Old Walker Jan 2015 SNAG-0003Good-Bye Old Friend– Hello New Friend!

Rhema literally “Rolled” into the New Year!  Mrs. Dee Dee heard about how bad Rhema wants to skate and when we arrived at PT presented Rhema with these little, pink loaner skates!  Our PT place is AWESOME and takes such good care of us!!!!

PT Roller Skates1 Jan 2015 SNAG-0009Soon Momma Will Be Chasing Her Around A Skating Rink!!!

OH, I love thinking about the day I will be chasing her around— really anywhere— as she walks or skates!

PT Roller Skates2 Jan 2015 SNAG-0008Heaven on Wheels!

2015 here she comes!!!!