Let’s Ride!

Daddy, Momma and Rhema have all been hit with a pretty nasty cold bug for the last 48hrs so we’ve been keeping warm inside and trying to get better for New Years.  All three of us have stuffy noses, sneezing and just really been feeling yucky.  I am so bummed that this is how we ring in the New Year, but even in the midst of it all we’ve tried to do some fun things.  We took Rhema on a quick bike ride outside and that she loved!  We are having homemade chicken noodle soup and making fresh banana pudding for dessert tonight because it will be soothing to our throats, hot tea with fresh squeezed lemons for our sniffles and we’ve got some fun party hats to wear while we watch the ball drop in New York!   The hats are for medicinal purposes…they make us feel better when we wear them… LOL!  Rhema will take a bath while Momma washes up all the germ infested sheets and puts clean sheets on all the beds and then we may even break out our coloring books while we wait for the ball to drop.  Rhema’s schedule is so off there is no doubt she will still be rocking at midnight so we will ring in the New Year with our little Princess!

New Years Blessings to you all, our precious friends and family who pray! Our prayer is this new year is that it will bring us closer to one another and to our Precious Savior!  Amen & Amen!