After 20 hours of labour, Elizabeth had only dilated 1cm and the doctors were encouraging us to go for a c-section.  We had several confirming words of peace with this direction and decided to go ahead with the procedure.

Now we now know why the standard birth would not work out, so this is a praise report and a call to prayer.  Rhema was born with myelomeningocele (common name – spina bifita), a club foot and hydrocephalus.  From what we understand, had she been born the regular way, this could have resulted in much more serious complications or even death, so praise the Lord for his guiding hand.

Rehma is scheduled for two major surgeries tomorrow around 10:30 and will be in surgery for 4 hours or so, so be in prayer this is just the start of the journey.

The doctors say that Rhema’s condition will require surgery within the next 48 hours, neonatal intensive care and possibly a lifetime of special care.  The initial neural consult from the neuro surgeon was that there is a big possibility that she may not be able to walk and may suffer incontinence amongst other potential issues to be determined.

Rhema is now being prepped to be transferred to UT Medical where surgery will be performed and other diagnostics will be done.  We won’t be able to transfer until tomorrow morning, but Elizabeth will complete her recovery @ UT. They anticipate several weeks up to several months in the hospital before Rhema can be released to go home.

We believe that this baby is a miracle baby and that the Lord will provide more miracles as she starts off her life in this world.  Please pray for supernatural healing as well as favor at UT – that the dr’s hands will be divinely guided in any surgery or procedures performed as well as divine direction for us as we embark on this journey that will surely give glory to our Lord.

Bethy walking the halls during labour

Bethy walking the halls during labour