Carry A Bead Packet Oct 2014 SNAG-0001Our Beads Are Here–NOW We Are Ready To Walk N Roll!

We have only two more days to be sponsored for this years Walk N Roll for Spina Bifida!!!!

We are gearing up and this year have something really special we are doing.  This is a spoiler alert:  Rhema has been accepted into the Beads of Courage Program!  We will post more about that later.   It will still be several weeks before we get her beads, but we’ve decided to participate in the Carry a Bead Challenge!  How this works is that we pin on the two beads pictured above and wear it to a special event.  We’ve chosen to wear these beads for this years Walk N Roll Event.  Plus, we will keep the bead throughout the month of October to support and spread awareness about Spina Bifida; October is Spina Bifida Awareness month.

The goal is to wear the beads, take pictures and pick up mementos during the time you have the bead; after the event one bead is set back to the Beads Of Courage folks along with pictures and mementos. (The other bead Rhema gets to keep.)  Then the Beads of Courage folks then send the package off to a child in the program as a special bead for their chain and they get to see where all their bead has traveled to.  It’s a really awesome program and we are excited to participate!!!  We are especially excited to begin our time with the bead at our very special Walk N Roll Event!!!  We plan Rhema wearing the bead and and taking many pictures of her to include in the package; plus we will pick up something from the zoo to be included into our package!  We are so excited about doing this!!!

There are only two more days to support our Rhema Miracle Team.  Please consider sponsoring Rhema & partnering with us this year!  This year’s Walk N Roll will be the best one ever!!!!!