We are going where?

Ya’ll, our baby girl is growing up!  Rhema has aged out of her Early Intervention program and we’ve chosen to continue her therapy services in tandem with attending a pre-school program a couple of times a week.  The amazing factor is her Early Intervention therapist that she has know for the last year will be the same person working with her in the school!  I’m so excited about this continuity in her care; God is sooo good!  Rhema is only there a few hours on both days, but it is almost too much for me to take in!  My baby girl is going to school!!!???  Where does the time go????

Rhema of course LOVED it and did very well even with all the other kids around.  She just sat and watched all the going-ons with a HUGE smile on her face all day.  I sat in the corner observing to get a feel for the classroom and also to determine fully how she can integrate into this environment and what challenges we needed to address.  We’ve requested Rhema have her own personal aide and we are in talks currently with the school board.  Please, please, please be in prayer over this, our precious family and friends who pray, as we feel this accommodation is necessary for her safety, personal care  and academic accessibility.  It has yet to be determined if the school will agree with this request.  If they do not then we will take on the issue ourselves and be sure she gets what she needs.

I was so very proud at how well she tried to manevure about in her “wheelie” and also how Rhema paid extra close attendtion when the teacher would do board work with the kids.  They presented shapes, colors, numbers, days of the week, seasons, letters, etc…..  I really LOVE Rhema’s teacher and feel she is the perfect person to introduce Rhema to a school/learning environment.  She is very fun, kind, patient, as well as firm and persistent in her instruction.  Sound like anyone you know? LOL!  Yes, I think her teacher and I will get along just swimmingly!

PS. The pictures here do not contain any of the faces of the other students to ensure their privacy.  Any partial faces have been blurred for the safety of the children and teaching professionals.