Rhema Reaches Out

Fellow Momma-In-Arms

Fellow Momma-In-Arms

Love This Lady! This is our friend Jacky.  She was HUGELY encouraging and helpful when we first arrived back in...

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Some Bunny Loves Me!

Some Bunny Loves Me!

Happy Easter Ya’ll! Rhema finally got to go see “the bunny puppet”, as she calls him, and she loved it!...

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Going in for surgery

Going in for surgery

Well here we go!  With Loopsies in hand, Rhema is leaving for surgery.  We should get a status in a couple of hours.

Pray For Me & My Friends….

Pray For Me & My Friends….

My Little Prayer Warrior…. It’s time for knees-to-meet-carpet and pray!  Rhema’s big feet & leg surgery is on Monday at 7am.  We have to be there at 5am for paperwork and IV placement.  We’ve busied ourselves with all the preparations here at the house, done all the medical preparations necessary for a 2 month confinement to a wheelchair, and done all we can do to prepare for all that surgery brings with it.  Now, all that is left to do is to wait, pray and see the Lord’s blessing and…

Two Miracles Meet!

Two Miracles Meet!

Momma says we are going to meet another Miracle today…. Lean on me….When your not strong….I’ll be your friend… Meet Eli! You can find Eli’s Journey on Facebook under “Baby Elijah James”…. Eli is a VERY special little man!  You see he is the only living person that has the most severe form of Spina Bifida (even above Rhema’s) called Rachischisis and survive.  You see, Rachischisis is 100% fatal, but thankfully no one told Eli that!  LOL!  He is a precious bundle of joy and it was such a blessing…

Listening To The Shepherd

Listening To The Shepherd

The Cutest Little Sheep In the Whole Lot! John 10:1-5 “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, he who does not enter by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way (elsewhere, from some other quarter) is a thief and a robber. But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. The watchman opens the door for this man, and the sheep listen to his voice and heed it; and he calls his own sheep by name and brings (leads) them out. When he has…

The Small Build!

The Small Build!

Bob The Builder:  Can He Build It? Yes He Can! Here is Mr. Bob hard at work on the last and smallest ramp needed to get Rhema in and out of the house with her wheelchair.  Mr. Bob was wonderful and did an amazing job on both ramps!!!  We are truly blessed to have met and worked with Mr. Bob and Habitat for Humanity!!!  We are forever grateful for their assistance for our precious Rhema!!!

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  • Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day!

    Little Miss Rhema Had A Farm… E, I, E, Iiiiiii — OOOOOO! Well we’re learning about gardening and growing our own veggies.  Momma is reading a lot and talking to many folks who know about growing veggies and Rhema is...

  • Easter Images

    Easter Images

    Rhema’s Blue Easter Egg! Rhema was so much more fascinated this year with the egg coloring!  She colored several eggs along with her cousins!  It was really fun to watch her tell us which color she wanted and watch her...

  • Some Bunny Loves Me!

    Some Bunny Loves Me!

    Happy Easter Ya’ll! Rhema finally got to go see “the bunny puppet”, as she calls him, and she loved it! She would not flash her big smile, but she sat with him for a while and enjoyed seeing him!

  • Easter Bunny Sighting!

    Easter Bunny Sighting!

    Our Little Bunny! Rhema will get her picture with the Easter Bunny soon, but we decided to do an early introduction with her to gauge her reaction.  Rhema was fascinated with the bunny and so we stood in line for...

  • Family Fun Day!

    Family Fun Day!

    Bunny Little Rhema! Rhema enjoyed the Miracle League’s Family Fun Day Event!  We were finally able to make it for the last few hours of the event which included an Easter egg hunt!   Rhema loved gathering the eggs and even...

  • Some More Red!

    Some More Red!

    Ketchup! Rhema is getting so brave and curious about new foods.  She was fascinated with the “red” that I was putting on my potatoes (fries)!  So, I put a few on her plate and after holding it, painting with it...

  • Cognitive Delays & Butterfly Kisses

    Cognitive Delays & Butterfly Kisses

    Rhema continues to enjoy her time with Butterfly Kisses!  I love hearing Rhema talk as she rides; it is such a huge change from before!  Now, she still will not follow the therapist’s instructions about saying “go” or “whoa”, but...

  • Zoom! Zoom!

    Zoom! Zoom!

    Crazy Driver! Rhema was a hoot “driving” this cart while I picked up a few groceries!  I so love it that we can learn and talk about things as we shop.  Our favorite area is the fruit and veggie section;...

  • Our Pirate Princess!

    Our Pirate Princess!

    Silly Little Pirate Princess! So, even after Rhema’s wonderful experience with seeing the “Pirate & Princesses” show, Rhema still talked about it days afterward! So, I put a princess crown on her pirate hat and viola, a perfect little Pirate...

  • Pirates & Princesses, Oh My!

    Pirates & Princesses, Oh My!

    Our Princess With Her Pirate Sword Rhema recently attended her first theatrical performance entitled “Pirates and Princesses”.  It was a huge chance since she gets overwhelmed easily with loud music, clapping and crowds, but with the content being two of...

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