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Carry A Bead: Walk N Roll 2014

Carry A Bead: Walk N Roll 2014

2014 Walk N Roll T-shirt & our Carry A Bead! This year was extra special as it was the first...

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Pumpkin Perfect!

Pumpkin Perfect!

Our Harvest Princess & her Pumpkin! The weather was not conducive to taking Rhema to the Pumpkin Patch that we...

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Still Lovin’ Her AMBUCS Bike!

Still Lovin’ Her AMBUCS Bike!

Finally Caught A Picture Of Her! Most of the pictures I take of her are blurry when she’s on her bike!  LOL!  Rhema is so fast now that I literally either speed walk or job behind her, chasing her along. Daddy went along for the fun (biking is really a two person job with Rhema) and he was the bubble blower.  He would get ahead of us and blow bubbles so Rhema could ride through the orbs of fun!  It was fun to see her interact with the bubbles as…

Two Miracles Meet!

Two Miracles Meet!

Momma says we are going to meet another Miracle today…. Lean on me….When your not strong….I’ll be your friend… Meet Eli! You can find Eli’s Journey on Facebook under “Baby Elijah James”…. Eli is a VERY special little man!  You see he is the only living person that has the most severe form of Spina Bifida (even above Rhema’s) called Rachischisis and survive.  You see, Rachischisis is 100% fatal, but thankfully no one told Eli that!  LOL!  He is a precious bundle of joy and it was such a blessing…

The Small Build!

The Small Build!

Bob The Builder:  Can He Build It? Yes He Can! Here is Mr. Bob hard at work on the last and smallest ramp needed to get Rhema in and out of the house with her wheelchair.  Mr. Bob was wonderful and did an amazing job on both ramps!!!  We are truly blessed to have met and worked with Mr. Bob and Habitat for Humanity!!!  We are forever grateful for their assistance for our precious Rhema!!!

The Big Build!

The Big Build!

“And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  To our God and Father be glory forever and ever (through the endless eternities of the eternities). Amen (so be it).” Phil 4:9-20 Yes, that is BOTH Habitat for Humanity and Lowes Hero’s Program Angels working side by side to bless our precious Rhema!  I’m telling you folks, God has “liberally supplied–to the full– our need” for these wheelchair ramps for Rhema! To fully explain the Miracle, here…

Rhema’s Robot Chair!

Rhema’s Robot Chair!

The Installation of a Miracle! Folks, today I wanted to share with you a recent MIRACLE that happened for our Rhema.  September has been approaching rapidly so we’ve been working hard to get everything ready for Rhema’s surgery.  Her new room is upstairs and it’s increasingly becoming more and more difficult to carry her up and down the stairs as she grows.  Plus, with both her legs being casted soon for 2 months, this will only make things that more difficult.  Several months ago I began to look for funding…

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  • New Friends & A New Season

    New Friends & A New Season

    Rhema’s New Buddy We’ve been very concerned with Rhema not being able to do any Horse therapy for the past few months.  I wish I could say it was of our choosing to stop, but Rhema’s previous riding group did...

  • K.A.F.O.oooos & Away!

    K.A.F.O.oooos & Away!

    Super Robot Legs! Rhema did pretty well at PT with her new KAFOs aka. her super-robot-helper-shoes!  She only fussed a little when we put them on.  And yes, she wore her super shirt and mask the entire time.  LOL! And...

  • World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Day!

    World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Day!

    What do you say on World Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Day? It’s a day that I never thought I would know about, much less “celebrate” and support as a day of advocacy for my child. Here is what I’ve been...

  • KAFOs Here We Go!

    KAFOs Here We Go!

    Mr. Bill Rocks! Our whirlwind trip ended up at Mr. Bills to pick up Rhema’s new KAFOs.  Our  trip to North Carolina and Knoxville was a wonderful hiatus from all the medical stuff that consumes our days and it was...

  • Pumpkin Perfect!

    Pumpkin Perfect!

    Our Harvest Princess & her Pumpkin! The weather was not conducive to taking Rhema to the Pumpkin Patch that we soooooo wanted to visit this year; that’s two years now in a row that we were unable to get her...

  • Friendly Faces!

    Friendly Faces!

    Our Friend, Mrs. Nancy! Rhema got to see so many wonderful folks while visiting in Knoxville!  The only picture that I missed was a picture of Rhema and Nancy; so I’ve put a picture of her here for you to...

  • Meeting of Miracles!

    Meeting of Miracles!

    Hello Eli!!! We were so blessed to be able to see Rhema’s buddy Eli while in Knoxville!!!!  The weather was horrible and our day had been one delay after another, but at the last moment things lined-up and it worked...

  • Rarah Rocks!

    Rarah Rocks!

    Rhema’s Rarah! We had such a lovely visit with Aunt Rarah!  Rhema abosolutely LOVED that her “night-night house” (hotel) had a church attached to it!  We stayed at the Morningstar Conference Center Hotel and it was so wonderful!  Rhema loved...

  • And We’re Off!

    And We’re Off!

    Super Rhema & Super Road Trip! Well, so much for posting from the road…. our trip was sooooo fast a furious that Momma did not have a second to post.  So, you get all the fun updates, post-trip. Rhema slept...

  • Blasting Off On A New Adventure!

    She Loves Her Rocket! Rhema, momma and Gida are off this week on an adventure!  We will go visit Rhema’s Aunt Rarah, swing through Tennessee and see many, many friends from where Rhema was born, and then end up at...

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