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Rhema Support’s Children’s Hospital Radioathon!

Rhema Support’s Children’s Hospital Radioathon!

Rhema stole the show when we went to our on-air radio interview for the Children’s Miracle Network Radioathon.  Now, she...

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Fun Times & Recent 1st….

Fun Times & Recent 1st….

  1st Time In Sprinkler! A precious friend at church made this wonderful sprinkler for Rhema!  She was really scared...

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    It’s official — Rhema’s walking again!!!!!! I’ve been doing a happy dance since last week when this first began and once again, we’ve witnessed a MIRACLE today— Rhema’s walking on her own power! The video speaks for it self….. Grab your box of tissue, let the tears of JOY flow and watch our MIRACLE  girl strut her stuff!!!!!

Wow! Zowee! Pow!

Wow! Zowee! Pow!

Headed to School! Rhema continues to excel at her school twice a week!  She loves her teacher and she enjoys going to see the “kids” in her classroom.  Should I be worried that the one person she talks the most about is a little boy?  LOL!  I think it’s because he wears Auburn shirts and she loves her some Auburn football.   Her teacher was very excited in that Rhema will nod to her when she asks a question; for most of the year Rhema would just smile or talk about…

AMBUCS = No Limits, Just Fun!

AMBUCS = No Limits, Just Fun!

Riding Along, Sporting My Rabbit Ears! It’s January in the South; one of those crazy days where the temperatures reach into the 70′s– it’s bike riding weather!  All winter long Rhema’s AMBUCS bike has been safely nestled, waiting for this Spring-like day, when it’s little bell would be heard ringing over the crispy crunch of dried leaves and brown grass.  “Hey Rhema, you want to ride your bike today?”, I ask.  Her big blue eyes sparkle to life, a warm smile spreads across her precious face, “yes” she whispers, quickly followed…

Beads Of Courage: Part Two

Beads Of Courage: Part Two

Hippo- Therapy & Therapeutic Riding Bead Rhema got this bead for Christmas to put on her Beads of Courage strand.  We were very excited to get this bead as it signifies Rhema’s bravery when she began riding her first therapy horse, Butterfly Kisses, when she was just two years old!  We had the hardest time finding an official riding helmet that would fit such a tiny human being!  LOL!  We had to add additional padding to the helmet’s interior she it did not flop around on her head.  Now, at…

Beads Of Courage: Part One

Beads Of Courage: Part One

Rhema Got Her Beads Of Courage!!! These Signify her Entrance and Exit of the NICU– She was there 40 Days Total! This FISH Bead signifies Rhema traveling to other hospitals for care–We call it our Shriner’s Bead! The Courage Bead (Penguin) is a landmark bead which we have for the 1st time Rhema learned to walk; We pray to add another this year as she works so hard at gaining back her walking ability. The 100 Bead Club Beads:  Each bead represents 100 days of therapy– You do the math!…

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  • Fun Times & Recent 1st….

    Fun Times & Recent 1st….

      1st Time In Sprinkler! A precious friend at church made this wonderful sprinkler for Rhema!  She was really scared of it for a while, but finally got brave and decided it was AWESOME! 1st Trip to the Library! Rhema...

  • Multi-Clinic Party!

    Multi-Clinic Party!

    Our Family! This picture was taken when we took Rhema to a planetarium!  Rhema loves outer space, rockets, the moon and stars….  It took a while for her to get brave and look around, but after a while (and some...

  • Farewell Friend….

    Farewell Friend….

    Our Mrs. Dee Dee It’s always hard when a member of Rhema’s Team leaves or moves, but losing our PT friend Dee Dee has been extra hard.  We’ve known it was coming, but when it’s your last day with someone...

  • Ashley Runs4Rhema!

    Ashley Runs4Rhema!

    Our Runner! Rhema has had an exciting experience we wanted to share with you guys! Rhema was assigned a runner, named Ashley, with the IRUN4 program!!! IRUN4 is a wonderful organization that matches up children, who have challenges, with runners...

  • My Shoes….

    My Shoes….

    At Mr. Bills! Strap in folks, because I’m giving you a glimpse into one of our rough “medical days” we recently experienced.  Now, this may appear to be a rant, or a pity party, or a long monologue with my...

  • Rhema’s 5 Years Old Today!

    Rhema’s 5 Years Old Today!

    Rhema Is 5 Years Old Today! OH, how time has flown!!!  I know we’ve not posted in a while, but I could not let this day go by without posting something.  We’ve got so much to catch you guys up...

  • This Little Light Of Mine….

    This Little Light Of Mine….

    One For Each Hand… During our long absence from posting, here in the South we’ve had EPIC storms.  Rhema handles storms fine; you’ve all seen the pictures of her wearing her helmet in the hall while sitting in her wagon. ...

  • Rhema Tap Dancing!

    Look at those little legs go!  I LOVE seeing her move her arms as well!  Her Therapeutic Dance Teacher will love to see this!

  • Our Super Star!

    Our Super Star!

    The 1st AFO Pattern She’s Picked Out! Also during our absence from posting Rhema experienced a 1st!  During our last Spina Bifida clinic Rhema picked out her own AFO braces pattern– stars! So, we visited with her Orthopedic Surgeon, who...

  • & We’re Back!

    & We’re Back!

    Momma & Rhema Beautified! Wow!  It’s been a MONTH since I’ve last been able to do a post! Whew!  Yes, we’ve been a little busy! Quick Updates….. Momma began a small part time job, which turned into a brief stent...

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