Rhema Reaches Out

It’s Her Monkey Friend!

It’s Her Monkey Friend!

Her Monkey Friend… Rhema LOVES Curious George!  So when we heard about the store opening event where they would have...

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A Big Movie!

A Big Movie!

Pop Corn! I’ve waited all summer for this summer kid movie to play on the kiddie line up!  Momma and...

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Two Miracles Meet!

Two Miracles Meet!

Momma says we are going to meet another Miracle today…. Lean on me….When your not strong….I’ll be your friend… Meet Eli! You can find Eli’s Journey on Facebook under “Baby Elijah James”…. Eli is a VERY special little man!  You see he is the only living person that has the most severe form of Spina Bifida (even above Rhema’s) called Rachischisis and survive.  You see, Rachischisis is 100% fatal, but thankfully no one told Eli that!  LOL!  He is a precious bundle of joy and it was such a blessing…

The Small Build!

The Small Build!

Bob The Builder:  Can He Build It? Yes He Can! Here is Mr. Bob hard at work on the last and smallest ramp needed to get Rhema in and out of the house with her wheelchair.  Mr. Bob was wonderful and did an amazing job on both ramps!!!  We are truly blessed to have met and worked with Mr. Bob and Habitat for Humanity!!!  We are forever grateful for their assistance for our precious Rhema!!!

The Big Build!

The Big Build!

“And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  To our God and Father be glory forever and ever (through the endless eternities of the eternities). Amen (so be it).” Phil 4:9-20 Yes, that is BOTH Habitat for Humanity and Lowes Hero’s Program Angels working side by side to bless our precious Rhema!  I’m telling you folks, God has “liberally supplied–to the full– our need” for these wheelchair ramps for Rhema! To fully explain the Miracle, here…

Rhema’s Robot Chair!

Rhema’s Robot Chair!

The Installation of a Miracle! Folks, today I wanted to share with you a recent MIRACLE that happened for our Rhema.  September has been approaching rapidly so we’ve been working hard to get everything ready for Rhema’s surgery.  Her new room is upstairs and it’s increasingly becoming more and more difficult to carry her up and down the stairs as she grows.  Plus, with both her legs being casted soon for 2 months, this will only make things that more difficult.  Several months ago I began to look for funding…

A Moment In The Life Of A Momma With A Special Need’s Child

A Moment In The Life Of A Momma With A Special Need’s Child

AFO Triage Center I never thought I would be learning the best ways to make Velcro adhere to plastic so that my kiddo could simply pull-to-stand or take a step.  I never envisioned that my precious-one would need braces 24/7 to protect her little ankles so they do not bend in ways that should never be humanly possible.  Or that my little princess would require protective shields to protect her delicate skin from injury like tearing, blistering, or worse — infection. A few weeks ago Rhema’s AFOs, a.k.a. “helper shoes”,…

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  • A Big Movie!

    A Big Movie!

    Pop Corn! I’ve waited all summer for this summer kid movie to play on the kiddie line up!  Momma and Rhema went to see Rio on the big screen!  Rhema was all excited and all she talked about was the...

  • Another Adventure of Super Rhema!

    Another Adventure of Super Rhema!

    Sun Glasses Over My Super Mask…..Yeah, That’s How I Roll….. Rhema attended a seating clinic this past week and she just had to be Super Rhema and wear her cape and mask.  So we went all-out! I put on her...

  • Rocket Girl!

    Rocket Girl!

    It’s Her Space Helmet…. Okay, so I come into the breakfast room and am greeted by Rhema with a diaper on her head!  I was quickly brought up to speed by her daddy, who informed me it was not a...

  • Silly Saturday!

    Silly Saturday!

    A Glow Stick Bath! What’s that in the bath with Rhema? I can hardly see anything by the light of the glow sticks….. I’m hearing giggles and splashes…… I’m seeing the faint outline of something in the bath with her……...

  • Bob The Tomato: “Stop Being Sooooo Silly!”

    Bob The Tomato: “Stop Being Sooooo Silly!”

    Okay, so Happy Friday ya’ll!  It’s been too many weeks of back-to-back of busyness….all good stuff….just BUSY!  So, a little smile, a little giggle and a little silly is just what the doctor ordered! NO Pictures, no pictures……How Do You...

  • Bye Bye Swimming!

    Bye Bye Swimming!

    Girls Wanna’ Have Fun! On our last day, we stayed and went to look at shells like Rhema requested.  We had a brunch and watched the ocean, the helicopters and all the seagulls fly about.  Momma and Rhema got a...

  • Aquatic Therapy: Week Two- Sceanic Detour

    Aquatic Therapy: Week Two- Sceanic Detour

    My Pillow Nest! Okay, we day one of Aquatic Therapy went great.  Day two…not so much.  Rhema is currently in a medication change and even though we had really taken every precaution, the new medication make her tummy sick and...

  • Aquatic Therapy: Week Two– Part Two!

    Aquatic Therapy: Week Two– Part Two!

    Additional Swim! After each Aquatic Therapy session, we would take Rhema on to another pool to allow her more time in the water!  Our second week we were able to use hotel points so momma did not have to drive...

  • Aquatic Therapy: Week Two!

    Aquatic Therapy: Week Two!

    Lovin’ My Coach Sharon! Rhema did even better on week two of the Aquatic Therapy class!  We incorporated in some water proof ear plugs and that really seemed to help with her sensory issues.  She did not cry the whole...

  • PT Continues…..

    PT Continues…..

    Where to? Rhema continues to go to PT weekly.  We’ve seem to hit a plateau and are meeting soon with her two therapists to talk about where to go from here.  Since her surgery she has just not bounced back...

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